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From Nano and Docker to software-defined networking and storage features, the next version of Windows Server is packed with great additions

Microsoft continues to put out Technical Previews of Windows Server 2016 with as-yet-unseen features. The latest Technical Preview, TP3, introduced a number of new features, such as Docker integration and Windows Server Containers, along with improvements to features introduced in previous previews. It also brings new security capabilities such as Shielded VMs, which protect virtual machine contents in a multitenant environment. The TP2 release debuted Nano Server and a number of Hyper-V, networking, and storage features. It introduced a new Windows Server role named Host Guardian Service, which flags trusted Hyper-V hosts, and included a Windows Server Antimalware feature not found in previous previews. Forthcoming Technical Previews will bring more new features, notably Hyper-V Containers.

But while the hits keep coming and the complete picture of Windows Server 2016 is still forming, it’s not too soon to weigh in on some of our favorites. We’ll update this list as more Technical Previews, and eventually beta versions, arrive. In the meantime, here are the Windows Server 2016 features we like the most.