IT Consulting Services

Ensuring IT delivers on its promise, every time.

IT consulting brings together your people, processes, partners and information technology to ensure that IT is aligned with the needs of your business. At DAITA we provide specialist business and technology consultancy services to organisations across both the private and public sectors, using the industry best practice methodologies. Our experienced consultants have a range of skills and experience in business and IT disciplines encompassing best practice methodologies, tools and techniques in a wide range of areas.

DAITA does not take a uniform approach to information technology and business consulting. Rather, we listen and understand your immediate business requirements and work together with you to develop a customised roadmap for your organisation. Any of the projects we select are applied with those techniques that will best result in quality outcomes appropriate to your audience level (e.g. enterprise, division, business units), the strategic intent (e.g. strategic planning, design, integration and transition, operate and support through Early Life support) and the scope of work.

At DAITA we will offer you a unique blend of business pragmatism, supported by business & IT expertise that allows us to capitalise on the latest developments and get the most out of your business and IT investments. Just as every organisation is different, there can be no uniform approach to roadmap development.

At DAITA we customise these services according to your needs.

Our range consulting services include:

  • Integrated governance models
  • Building Service management offices (SMO)
  • ITIL and governance assessments
  • Strategic workshops, strategy definition, roadmap planning
  • Performance management framework
  • Knowledge management and capability enhancement
  • Process design and or re-engineering
  • Programme Management Office (PMO)
  • Service portfolio, catalogue and financial management alignment