Unified Communication & Collaboration

The world has boundaries. Your business doesn’t.

Business requires communication. Organisations need to interact freely to exchange ideas, get the support they need, and drive business forward. But that level of interaction can be hard to come by when the people involved are located around the globe. Our Advanced Communications solutions can bring down the barriers of time and distance to enhance collaborative efforts.

Expand your organisation’s ability to communicate and collaborate with its employees, partners, suppliers and customers. Our UCC solutions deliver a cloud-based platform that helps your teams more easily and readily connect with each other, share ideas, and make critical decisions. DAITA's pay-as-you-go model delivers a flexible set of secure, reliable, cost-effective services when, where and how they are needed, so you can limit capital expenses and simplify management.

DAITA can deploy UCC as a purely hosted or hybrid solution. It also seamlessly integrates with—and can even add new capabilities to—the in-house collaboration solutions and line-of-business systems your organisation has already deployed on its networks. DAIAT can meet your current business needs and scale up to meet your future needs. Or you can add new capabilities to previously deployed applications, which help increase their lifespan and usefulness. You can also use our UCC to improve how you design, build, sell and service products, helping you to improve customer satisfaction.

Communication solutions.

We’ll design the ideal communications platform for your business by uniting technologies from top manufactures and best-in-practice providers.

Product highlights.

Our UCC solutions give you secure, reliable and flexible tools to connect workers, partners, and customers for increased efficiency and to make jobs easier:

  • IP communications that enable reliable voice and video services over both fixed and wireless devices for quick one-on-one or group chats
  • Instant messaging and presence via Cisco® Jabber desktop and mobile interface
  • Internet- and video-conferencing capabilities, combined with secure file sharing, that allow for more in-depth meetings and collaboration
  • Customisable reporting options and comprehensive management tools that give you greater control and in-depth insights into your cloud services
  • Industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs) that give you peace of mind that your mission-critical services will be available when you need them
  • Choosing DAITA for your unified communications solution lets you tap into a depth of resources to help you each step of the way. From consulting and professional services, to delivering and maintaining the service, you can take advantage of our years of expertise in managing networks around the world.