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Data Management

Data Management

Data is essential for every business and quality data is crucial to run various processes effectively. Normally, organizations invest a lot of time on data moving, sorting, and transforming but do not provide enough time to data management. While, it plays a vital role at different levels of the business processes such as future investments, customer relationship monitoring, products, or services feedback, etc. At DAITA, we help our clients in managing their data lifecycle from creation to retirement.

Data governance

We design data governance strategies and create policies describing user roles, rights, and responsibilities as well as data-related standards and metrics. Such strategies aim to provide a transparent enterprise-wide approach to capturing, storing, processing, and accessing data.

Data quality management

Many businesses don’t trust their data, and our job is to ensure that yours is not one of them. Low quality data can take many forms: duplicated, incomplete, erroneous or obsolete data. We run data quality assurance and data cleaning activities to fight them all and make your insights genuinely true to life.

Master and metadata management

We create a clear strategy for enterprise-wide master and metadata management. We assess all external and internal data sources as well as relevant existing technologies to come up with standards and metrics to track your master and metadata quality.

Data integration

The reports built on disintegrated data cannot show a full and consistent picture. We know how to unite flows from disparate data sources. Keeping in mind your data types, we can come up with a relevant BI or big data architecture, as well as a data warehouse or a data lake design (or both, if needed). This will make your reporting more comprehensive.

Data migration

Before actually performing data migration, we carry out an assessment to identify sensitive and critical data. Considering the results, we devise a data migration plan. To speed up the migration process and minimize mistakes, we make the process as automated as possible. After migration is over, we verify its results to ensure that no data was lost.

Data enrichment

We recommend additional sources and new data to get extra insights, make your decisions more informed and predictions more accurate. We also actually make this external data an integral part of your existing data sets.

Data extraction

Regardless of whether your data is structured or not, we can retrieve it from multiple sources, load it into a data warehouse or a data lake and transform it according to your needs. We can set up automated web data extraction procedures to get valuable insights from comments and posts in social networks, real estate listings, competitor prices, etc.

Data security

To ensure that your data is secure and only authorized users have access to it, we analyse your business specifics and apply best practices to review your current approach to enterprise information management. We evaluate the capacity and reliability of the existing architecture and technology stack as well as suggest ways to improve the security of your solution.

Data architecture audit and implementation

We can audit your as-is architecture to check whether it complies well with data management procedures. In case you need to implement a BI or big data solution from scratch with regard to data management techniques, you can assign us to this task, too. We have 14 and 6 years of experience in these domains, correspondingly. We can also run a comprehensive health check of your data warehouse, its security and performance.

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What We Do

Insight to Transformation (Mapping your road to success)

Insight to Transformation creates a digital strategy that defines your path for transformation and accelerates value creation. We have re-imagined the strategy process from a digitally native perspective to gain velocity and deliver a game-changing strategy:

  1. Reinvention insights.We draw on a bank of insights about our client’s business operating models and organisations goals to shorten the time to vision and strategy.
  2. Agile approach.We develop the strategy in successive sprints using a “pod-based” team structure to ensure flexibility and drive higher velocity.
  3. Execution expertise.No strategy has business impact if it’s not designed for execution. We believe in addressing execution in the strategy.

Managed Innovation (Create, grow and nature an innovation culture)

Our Managed Innovation capability uses an insight-driven, agile working process to prioritize and rapidly develop client solutions, delivering new forms of value. To ensure continuity, our program establishes, nurtures and grows an innovation capability within the organization, enabling companies to quickly move from problem identification to solutions. Key benefits include:

  • Instilling the innovation capability into the organization:Our proven process rapidly develops functional solutions as well as transfers skills, methods and tools to establish a lasting agile working model.


  • Prioritising initiatives that deliver value:Leveraging human insight, organizational structure and our knowledge of next-generation digital technology, we help clients prioritize those initiatives with the greatest ROI.
  • Increasing speed to market:To ensure rapid delivery of the most promising products and services, we train multidisciplinary teams to test insights and leverage the cloud across the product development cycle.

Workforce Transformation (Power up your workforce)

Organizations today are shaped by a confluence of changing forces, including the need for a more agile workforce, an influx of digital platforms and shifting employee-machine workflows. To thrive in this environment, companies must account for drivers of change by reskilling talent, integrating new tools and creating the most optimal workplace.

DAITA’s Workforce Transformation solution takes a digital approach to enabling people to do more with technology. The program addresses current and future employees’ needs at all levels, from cultural and governance diagnostics to enhanced learning, development execution and workforce transformation. It enables organisations to grow, thrive and compete in today’s digital business landscape.

Change Adoption (Manage Digital Change)

To keep up with the digital revolution, many companies are investing in technology to drive transformation. However, progress can be slow.

DAITA’s Change Adoption offerings provide a comprehensive digital strategy for implementing large-scale transformation at scale. Using digital tools to expedite adoption and agility, our structured approach helps clients accelerate their digital adoption rate at the same pace they see business change happening all around them.

Transformation Enablement (Re-Imagine Transformation)

Leveraging deep experience in the management of complex business and IT transformations, our skilled practitioners establish the strategy, structure, roadmap, controls and governance needed to move forward with confidence. We also equip leadership with the latest visual tools to adjust quickly to future shifts and changes in demand.

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

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